Regional Library Board

Seventy-two (72) municipalities, 3 cities, 10 towns, 32 villages and 27 rural municipalities participate in the Lakeland Library Region system providing free library service to their residents.

Each of these municipalities appoints one representative to the Regional Board. Lloydminster appoints two (2), North Battleford appoints three (3) because of their larger populations.

The Regional Board meets twice a year to establish the policies and bylaws that govern the operation of the Region. At the semi-annual meeting in the Fall, the budget is approved and the municipal grants are set. At the annual general meeting in the spring, the Chairperson and Executive Committee members are elected.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of twelve (12-13) members of the Regional Board elected at the Annual Meeting. It meets regularly and deals with the day-to-day business of the Regional Board and the operation of the Region. The Executive Committee consists of the following members:

Allie Raycraft - Chairperson, Village of Meota
Cathy Richardson, City of North Battleford
Karen Richardson, City of North Battleford
Grace Lang, City of North Battleford
Tony Knowler, City of Lloydminster
Joseph Lozeau, City of Lloydminster
Conrad Read, City of Meadow Lake
Dennis Taylor, Town of Hafford
Gordon Yard, Town of Battleford
Lorne Kohlman, R.M. of Eye Hill #382
Jack Opheim, R.M. of Battle River #438
Bonnie Deuel, R.M. of Medstead #497
Margaret Adam, R.M. of Meeting Lake #466

Local Library Boards

Each branch library has a board made up of regional board members from each municipality using the branch library, as well as interested people selected by the local municipal councils.

Each local library board is responsible for:

  • providing and maintaining the branch library facility with their municipality
  • setting policies affecting the branch library such as hours of opening, programming, and publicity
  • the general development of library service in that area