English as an Additional Language Online Resources

Know of a good resource that should be listed here? Email suggestions to info@lakeland.lib.sk.ca.

Best of The Reader - EAL and adult literacy stories.

Dave's ESL Cafe - Resources for learners and teachers.

English Club - Lessons and quizzes.

ESL Junction - Resources for teachers.

IELTS - International English Language Testing System

TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language

North West College EAL - Programs at local campuses

English Page - Lessons, vocabulary, and grammar

Info Please - Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes

Info Please - Greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes

English for Everybody - Online courses, quizzes, games (English accent pronunciation)

ELFS - Stories, tongue twisters, and games

UVic Study Zone - Lessons and exercises

Sounds of English - Pronunciation, phonics, and lessons

English Club - Various resources for learners and teachers

International Tongue Twisters - Tongue twisters in over 100 languages

Tongue Twister Database - English tongue twisters

ESL Resources Center - Resources for learners and teachers

TESOL International Association - For teachers

Everything ESL - Lesson plans and other resources for teachers

Using English - Resources for learners and teachers

ESL Pod - Podcasts for EAL learners

CBC Manitoba EAL - Lessons based on news stories